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Set in the near future, Machina takes a glimpse into a world dominated by robots and the evolution of robotic society both socially and technologically, without human influence. It is an ambitious project that tolerates the stereotypical shows of power displayed in current games today, but primarily focuses on rewarding players for exploration and self discovery. Machina has currently been in production for about 3 months, and we are now just beginning the development stage. Our main goal with Machina is to produce a great game that is both fun and thought provoking. Projected release Summer 2008.

Creator : Tyler "Hell Marine" Jacobson
Chief Modeler : George "Disturbing13" Patterson
Original soundtracks by Billy Pfrommer
Blitz Coder : Scott "J-man" Jacobson
Concept Artist : Derek "Derelicy" Baxter
Modeling Apprentice : Chris "Zombie" Worst

We are using Blitz3D to guarantee rapid development of the Machina game engine. We are also using Milkshape for modeling as well as a suite of music applications used by our current composer. Art programs used by our concept artists still remain unspecified.

Talent Needed- We are currently in need of experienced concept artists with skills in both conventional drawing as well as computer generated art. We would require that the artist have experience in either character design or cityscape design. We are also willing to look at applicants with experience in other fields of game design as well, both short term and long term members are acceptable. Contact: MachinaTeam

©2007 Tyler Jacobson
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